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Arkham House Book Lot (11) Booklets Memorabilia Included Vintage Science-Fiction Smith Lovecraft Carter

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One lot of vintage Science Fiction books by Arkham House (publisher). All books shows signs of minor foxing on page edges/some on inner cover and cover pages. Minor wear to some of the covers but overall still in excellent condition. All books are missing the original dust jacket. Minor discoloration to some of the memorabilia. Quantity of one included for each item listed. 

The following books are hardback (some with cloth covers):

Nameless Places - Gerald W. Page (1975) 

New Tales of Cthulhu Mythos - Ramsey Campbell (1980)

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft and Others (1969)

The Watchers Out of Time - H.P. Lovecraft and Others (1974)

The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions - H.P. Lovecraft (1970)

The Mountains of Madness and Others - H.P. Lovecraft (1964)

Rim of the Unknown - Frank Belknap Long (1972) *Book has minor staining on the front where a glass might have been rested - barely visible. 

Dreamer on the Nightside - Frank Belknap Long (1975)

The House on the Worm - Gary Myers (1975)

Dreams From R'Lyeh - Lin Carter (1975)

The following book is paperback:

The Black Book of Clark - Ashton Smith (1979)

The following memorabilia is included: 

Arkham House Stock List 1986-87

Arkham House Newsletters (1981)

Stock List of Books from Arkham House Mycroft & Moran June 1977

Arkham House 1980

The Arkham Collector Volumes: #7 (1970)/#8 (1971)/#9 (1971)/#10 (1971)